Advanced Laser Diode Systems A.L.S. GmbH was founded in 2002 to produce and develop efficient pulsed laser diode systems, related components and accessories for the application in industry and science.

Since 2008 A.L.S. GmbH is a subsidiary of the Switzerland based company Onefive GmbH. Scientists, engineers and technical staff at A.L.S. and Onefive have a longstanding experience in the field of this modern laser technology product line and contribute to the success of the company. Advanced Laser Diode Systems A.L.S. GmbH became already a leading manufacturer of lasers, laser systems and laser components.
The main product line of the company is based on ultra-fast picosecond laser diode systems.

In general A.L.S. provides turn-key systems which can be used just as a tool. But A.L.S. is also ready to produce customized solutions for special applications and OEM components.

In Germany and countries, where A.L.S. GmbH does not have representatives, the products are sold directly to the end customers. In many countries, however, A.L.S. GmbH has representatives. Please check our distributor links.

Advanced Laser Diode Systems A.L.S. GmbH is located in Germany in the Photonic Center in Berlin-Adlershof. All products are exclusively made in Germany. Most engineering of our products is done in-house. However, to accelerate the development we use also successful co-operations with research institutes and universities.

The facilities are located in the South-East of Berlin near the Airport "Berlin Schoenefeld" (SFX) in the "WISTA" area in Berlin-Adlershof. This so called "WISTA" area has a long High-Tech tradition and is the main development area in Berlin for optical technologies as well as for environmental protection and telecommunication. Many High-Tech companies, research institutes and the natural science departments of the Humboldt University of Berlin are located here or will move to the WISTA area in near future. The efforts of the Senate of Berlin, supported by the European Community, will lead to a successful infrastructure.


2002 Founded in Berlin, Germany

2002 Released PiLas picosecond laser diode system at 405 nm and from 650 to 1550 nm

2002 Two control units available: tunable repetition rate 0-1 MHz, and fix repetition rate at 10 MHz, 50 MHz and 100 MHz

2003 First 60 ps blue diode laser at 440 nm on the market

2006 First 50 ps blue diode laser at 470 nm on the market

2006 First 32 ps UV diode laser at 375 nm on the market

2008 A.L.S. GmbH becomes subsidiary of Onefive GmbH

2009 First 70 ps cyan diode laser at 480 nm on the market

2011 First 70 ps green diode laser at 510 nm on the market

2013 Released new control unit allowing 0-120 MHz tunable repetition rate


A.L.S. is a subsidiary company of Switzerland based Onefive GmbH, a worldwide leading supplier of femtosecond and picosecond laser systems. 

Onefive is from September 1st, 2017 part of NKT Photonics.

At NKT Photonics we aim to make a difference in the World. Commercially and by creating technology and products that benefit Mankind. These are lofty goals for sure but they drive us to perform above and beyond our peers and they keep us all motivated when we push forward with the wind in our face.

Looking for a job in photonics? Then we have a career boosting option for you. We employ some of the best minds in our industry and we are always on the lookout for talented individuals willing to go the extra mile and make a difference. If you think you have what it takes to be in front then send your resume to and let us know how you can contribute. Our open positions are listed on our webpage, and even if you don’t find what you are looking for there, we’d really like to hear from you if you have technical expertise in R&D, Sales or Production.


This Agreement sets forth the general terms and conditions which shall control all purchases from A.L.S. GmbH. These Terms and Conditions have priority over all other terms, including Buyer's Purchase Order Terms, and may only be waived or amended by a writing signed by authorized representatives of Seller and Buyer.

A.L.S. has no obligation with respect to any Purchase Order until it is accepted by A.L.S. The company has the right to accept Purchase Orders in whole or in part. A.L.S. quotes are based on current availability of materials and manufacturing capacity. If such material availability or manufacturing capacity changes by the time a Purchase Order is placed, A.L.S. has the right to change the lead time when accepting the Purchase Order.

All Prices are exclusive of all sales, excise, value-added, use, and property (ad valorem) taxes and all customs and export charges, which are the responsibility of Buyer. These will be added to the invoice and paid by Buyer.

A.L.S. will provide at the expense of the Buyer standard commercial packaging to identify and protect the Products during shipments. Buyer may request special packaging. In the absence of specific shipping instructions, A.L.S. will ship by the method it deems most advantageous. Transportation charges will be collected on delivery or, if prepaid, will be subsequently invoiced to Buyer. If insurance is necessary, Buyer is obligated to obtain insurance against damage to the Products being shipped.

A.L.S. shall use reasonable commercial efforts to deliver the Products to Buyer on the delivery dates set forth in the attached Quotation. Delivery will be made F.C.A. A.L.S.'s plant, Berlin, Germany. Title to such products shall pass to Buyer upon delivery of the Products by A.L.S. to carrier; Buyer assumes all risk of loss or damage to the Products after delivery to the carrier and during shipment and shall file any damage claim forms required by the carrier or insurer. Shipping dates for the Products are approximate, and the failure to perform shall not be considered a breach by A.L.S. Performance by A.L.S. will be excused without liability during any period that performance is prevented or delayed by causes beyond the reasonable control of A.L.S.

A.L.S. retains all copyright, patent, ownership of software, and other proprietary rights in the Products.

A.L.S. warrants that the Products comply with applicable Product specifications and that the Products will operate properly under proper use and under normal conditions without defects in material and workmanship that prevent such operation for a period of one year from date of delivery to Buyer. Defective goods may be returned freight prepaid after obtaining a customer return order number from A.L.S. If after testing and inspection any such returned product is determined by A.L.S. to be defective, A.L.S. shall promptly repair or replace the product and return it to Buyer freight prepaid. Goods or parts that have been subject to any misuse or accident are not covered by warranty.


This warranty is the only warranty made by A.L.S. with respect to the Products delivered here under. No warranty is made with respect to custom equipment or goods produced to Buyer's specifications except as specifically stated in writing by A.L.S. in the contract for such custom goods. A.L.S. disclaims all other express or implied warranties, including any warranty for non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. To the extent an implied warranty cannot be excluded, it is limited in duration to the warranty period.

A.L.S. shall not be liable for injury to any property other than the products, including third-party claims, and shall be limited to the refund of the purchase price. IN NO EVENT SHALL A.L.S. BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. Buyer shall defend and indemnify A.L.S. against any claims that are based upon any subsequent resale of the Products by Customer or upon any sale by Customer of any of its goods that contain A.L.S.'s Products.

A.L.S. shall not be liable for injury to any customer-owned property delivered to A.L.S. unless specifically agreed in writing, and shall be limited to the refund of the purchase price. Customer must carry business insurance on all customer-owned material sent to A.L.S. IN NO EVENT SHALL A.L.S. BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. Buyer shall defend and indemnify A.L.S. against any claims that are based upon any subsequent resale of the Products by Customer or upon any sale by Customer of any of its goods that contain A.L.S.'s Products.

This Agreement may be cancelled by Buyer only upon the payment of reasonable cancellation charges, which will include expenses already incurred for labor and material costs, overhead, commitments made by A.L.S., and a reasonable profit.

A.L.S. shall defend and indemnify Buyer, with Buyer's cooperation, against any claims that the manufacture or sale of the A.L.S.'s product or that ordinary use of A.L.S.'s product constitutes an infringement of a patent or Trademark. Buyer shall defend and indemnify A.L.S. against any claims that manufacture or sale of Products manufactured to Buyer's specifications constitutes an infringement of any patents or trademarks. THIS AGREEMENT STATES A.L.S.'S ENTIRE LIABILITY AND OBLIGATION WITH RESPECT TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CLAIMS.

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