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We are the manufacturer of the picosecond diode laser systems known as PiLas. The PiLas consists of a laser head and digital control unit EIG2000DX. A laser diode is driven in gain switched operation to emit short optical pulses of 20 to 2000 ps width and peak powers of 20 to 1000 mW. A variable repetition rate up to 120 MHz enables a wide range of applications like:
detector testing (PMT, APD etc)
time resolved spectroscopy
analysis of ultrafast electrical circuits
fiber testing
A.L.S. optimizes every laser head to meet the customer’s requirements at peak power, pulse width, average power, pulse energy, pulse shape, wavelength, spectral width, polarization etc.
We can also guide and advise the customer for beam delivery systems to optimize the optical setup at the customer’s location.
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